Thursday, March 30, 2006

Episode 6: Another Apprentice Holiday?

Here's what we know about upcoming events on The Apprentice:
  • Episode 6 will air at 10:00 PM (Eastern time), April 3rd, following a 2-hour Deal or No Deal.
  • The task is to write an original advertising jingle for the restaurant chain Arby's. One team finds their groove right away while the other contends with an out-of-tune teammate. Judged by Arby's executives, the team with the most effective and creative jingle wins.
  • The winning team enjoys a scrumptious reward (no jewels) and the losers go to the boardroom. One candidate will be fired.
  • One candidate does not participate in this task.
  • Lee misses two tasks in total, including the earlier event that took place on Rosh HaShanah.
  • The previous boardroom ended on October 12, shortly before the start of Yom Kippur. Therefore, this task could have started as early as Thursday, October 13 - Yom Kippur day.
  • Often - but not always - there's an off day between tasks.
  • Considering that (1) Lee and George, and possibly some production staff and crew members, would not work on Yom Kippur; (2) not much happens in Manhattan on Yom Kippur; and (3) there's often a non-working day after the boardroom day; it's possible that this task started after Yom Kippur.
  • Sukkot - the next Jewish holiday on the calendar - started Monday evening, October 17 , and continued through Wedesday evening, October 19.

Here's what we don't know about upcoming events on The Apprentice:
  • Did Lee Bienstock - the remaining Orthodox Apprentice candidate - miss the Arby's task because it started on Yom Kippur?
  • Did Lee miss the task because it took place on Sukkot?
  • Did Lee not participate because the Arby's task took place on Shabbat?
  • Was Episode 6 filmed in between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and a different candidate didn't participate for some other unknown reason?


At 4/01/2006 9:11 PM, Anonymous Orthodox Apprentice said...

More preview information for the next episode:

(1) Bryce is the project manager for Gold Rush.

(2) In an informal team meeting in the suite, Lee is wearing a business suit while everyone else is dressed casually. Perhaps he was getting ready to go to shul or just returned from shul.

(3) Tarek will not be fired this week.

At 4/02/2006 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering about your third point... how do you know for certain that Tarek is not fired this week?

Is it in some preview video (I've only seen the Yahoo one) or media release? Because I knew about points one and two before, but not the third one. So it would be nice to know where you came across that info (unless it's just a good guess since Bryce and Tarek are close friends). Thanks. :)

At 4/02/2006 1:09 PM, Anonymous Scott said...

In the yahoo video clip both Lenny and Lee are wearing business suits, having just returned from the boardroom.

At 4/02/2006 9:52 PM, Anonymous Ken said...

That's good to hear. Keep Tarek around, he might be a bit arrogant, but he does have a lot of strengths that have been edited.

At 4/02/2006 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

scott- Weren't Lee and Tarek (not Lenny) in the boardroom? Tarek is in casual dress in the preview.

At 4/03/2006 1:49 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Ken is right, maybe Lenny went to shul with Lee.

At 4/03/2006 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Lee is fired tonight, will this website go out of existence? Will the Apprentice go out of existence?

I am wondering whether the ratings for this season have skyrocketed because of OrthodoxApprentice. Its certainly the only reason I am interested in this series again.

As an Orthodox attorney, it is interesting to see the range of Jews and Jewish issues raised on a national TV "reality" series, which is actually based on reality.

At 4/03/2006 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the MO people will continue to watch the Apprentice even if Lee is fired but the more Yeshivish UO people will stop. ;)

At 4/03/2006 2:19 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I'm gonna keep watching Lenny.

At 4/03/2006 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you George, Lenny is the funniest thing on tv nowadays. After this show he should get his own late night show - i would watch him over letterman or leno any day. I would love to see him interview some celebrities and just call them out, he's hysterical.

At 4/03/2006 8:26 PM, Anonymous leah said...

Anonymous said...
I think the MO people will continue to watch the Apprentice even if Lee is fired but the more Yeshivish UO people will stop.

im left wing yeshivish and i dont plan on stopping to watch the apprentice if lee gets fired. then again maybe i'll just be in a 1% category

At 4/03/2006 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see Lee wearing non leather sneakers for Yom Kippur. Funny with a suit, i wonder what his teamates thought....

At 4/03/2006 11:05 PM, Blogger supermosh said...

what a HUGE Kiddush Hashem tonite from Lee and big respects for Trump. I am very impressed by Trump, and for standing up for Lee and putting the project manager into his place for bringing him into the boardroom for the jewish holiday!!

At 4/03/2006 11:14 PM, Blogger happywithhislot said...

Bryce got suckered by Trump talking to lee.
Trump wanted to see if Lee is for real. Lee passed.
But Bryce fell for it, and he blew it. Trump was itching to fire Tarek.

At 4/04/2006 6:37 PM, Anonymous leah said...

im very proud of lee and im rooting for him all the way. although part of ther reason im rooting for him is because i met him in a store (i live in his home town) and he seemed like a really nice person (wich im sure he is)


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