Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Apprentice: Episode 9 Preview

(April 22 UPDATE: Episode 11 preview added to the end of this post.)

Episode 9 of The Apprentice is scheduled to air on Monday, April 24 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Donald Trump's children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., watch as the candidates engage in an all-out street war while creating a souvenir program for Ellis Island. The teams race against the clock to take pictures, write copy, create and finally, sell their souvenir programs. The team with the most revenue from the one-day sales event wins and plays golf with Donald Trump and Vijay Singh at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. The losing team heads to the boardroom where one candidate is fired.

Gold Rush tries to break Synergy's four-week winning streak and struggles amongst themselves while half of Synergy's team misses the boat and gets left behind.


As we've been reporting, Tarek Saab is on the winning team and he turns out to be one hell of a golfer. Although he had hit some balls at a driving range prior to competing on The Apprentice, Tarek had never played on a course prior to this reward.

Michael switched from Synergy to Gold Rush at the beginning of the the last episode. It's possible (but not likely) that there's further team shuffling prior to this task. Since the makeup of each team is uncertain at this time, we cannot guarantee that Lee is on the winning team. If Lee and Tarek are on the same team as the task starts, you can be certain that Lee Bienstock - the remaining Orthodox Apprentice candidate - will not be fired.

Looking ahead to Episode 10:

Monday, May 1, 9:00 PM ET/PT

The eight remaining candidates travel to Long Island to put together grand openings for two new Hair Cuttery salons. One location is in Oceanside, about 6 miles from the Bienstock home in Lawrence, NY. (The other location is Carle Place.) One project manager decides to get his hair done while a romance may or may not be blossoming on the other team. The winners collaborate with a legendary songwriter, while the losers sing a different tune in a particularly heated boardroom.

Fast forward to Episode 11 of The Apprentice:

Monday, May 8, 9:00 PM ET/PT

The candidates relive their younger days by putting on a tailgate party during a college football game. One team creates a spectacle with an eating contest while members of the other team dress up as cheerleaders. The winners wine and dine in the country, while the losers face a fierce boardroom.

At least one team performed their task prior to the Rutgers University homecoming game against Naval Academy on October 29, 2005. They were promoting blooming onions from Outback Steakhouse.

Interestingly, Randal Pinkett (winner of Season 4) was in attendance at the game. He graduated from Rutgers and his wife is the Senior Alumni Relations Officer for the university's Alumni Association. The big question is if Randal's appearance at the game makes it into the episode. Season 4 was airing while Season 5 was filming. In October, Randal knew he was in the final two, but he hadn't been hired by Trump yet. The Season 5 candidates wouldn't know anything about Randal since there's no television in the suite.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Quotables: Lenny on Lee

Lenny Veltman discussed Lee Bienstock - the remaining Orthodox Apprentice candidate - in an interview with TV Guide:

"I think Lee, he has everything. They talk about Lee being young, inexperienced, all this crap, but we hear that every season about someone. Some young kids are very mature these days and Lee is one of those kids. This guy has education, which is very appealing to Donald Trump. Very appealing. Ivy league school, 4.0, at the top of his class.... What else could be better, right? Also, I think Donald Trump himself is a very loyal person to his business partners and to his friends and so forth, and as I saw him I find out a little bit more about Trump. He's a very human, very funny person, a very nice and cool guy. Loyalty, Lee has it."

"You have to be born with [loyalty] and Lee has it — he has it. I don't think anybody else on the show does."

"Yeah, [Lee]'s my advocate. Everybody needs a good "lawyer" in this country, and I've got one."

"I'm not that religious, OK, so why would I [be absent]? We had, like, six Jewish contestants. I knew Lee from Day 1 and he's a kosher guy, he's observing Jew, and I knew he's going to take days off. That wasn't surprising for me. I didn't know same thing about [Dan, whom Lenny had words with in the suite]. That's why I was upset. I have no problem with the Judaism and I have no problem with Lee. I had a problem with [Dan], that's it. How can I be anti-Semitic, you know, if I'm Jewish myself?"

"Can you find [Lee]? I've been trying to find him for two days and I can't reach him."
(Orthodox Apprentice to Lenny: Didn't Lee tell you about the Passover holiday? He doesn't work and he doesn't talk on the phone.)

And on Lenny's website, he wrote this on April 14th:
"Yes, Lee is an amazing and VERY Smart guy, 4.0 from Cornell, nobody else comes even close to his intelegence.Vote for him."
On, you can vote for who you want to be the next Apprentice. Leading up to the final two candidates, all the episodes of The Apprentice have been recorded and are just waiting to air. However, when it's down to the final two, the public vote could influence Trump's decision on who to hire.

So.... why is Lenny urging us to vote for Lee?

On a separate note:

On Tuesday, April 18th only, you can download a free Apprentice Season 5 highlights show, exclusively on iTunes!