Thursday, March 02, 2006

Orthodox Apprentice merchandise

Since Donald Trump is all about capitalism and merchandising, it's not much of a surprise that "Orthodox Apprentice" shirts and mugs are now available online.

The description from the online store:
On Donald Trump's Apprentice 5, two Orthodox Jewish candidates are in the hunt to become the Orthodox Apprentice. Show your support for Lee Bienstock and Dan Brody.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You heard it here first! (#2)

  • Apprentice candidate Allie Jablon (the Harvard MBA, former cheerleader and the first episode's winning project manager) is also Jewish. Allie's parents are active members of Beth Shalom Synagogue in Columbia, SC. Her mother is also a member of the Columbia Holocaust Education Commission and performs Klezmer music with the Southern Simcha Group.

  • A kosher fridge in the Apprentice suite? Check your Tivo! Watch the scene when Lenny and Summer are chatting at the table. You know, when Lenny tells Summer to stay quiet in the boardroom. Look carefully as the camera pans and you'll notice a small, brown, dorm fridge in the corner of the room - to the right of the big window, on the floor. Is that for the kosher food that went on the Foreman grill? (The mini fridge is also visible in the "Young Lee's Strategy" video on Yahoo. It's in the top right corner of the screen - looks like a brown box - during the wide-angle shot with Tarek on the left side of the screen and Lee off-camera.)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Apprentice Episode 1 observations

First, congrats to Apprentice candidates Dan and Lee for making it through their first boardroom! Lee was taken back into the boardroom, but he heard Trump say "you're fired" to teammate Summer.

Observations from tonight's Apprentice, with a focus on the Orthodox Jewish candidates - Lee and Dan.
  • Each Apprentice candidate gave a brief intro and we're shown a very brief excerpt of each intro. Lee mentions his Cornell degree. We hear about Dan's two sons. Obviously plenty more was cut out.
  • In a schoolyard pick-em, Tarek chooses Dan first "because he's a dad." It seems like Burnett is developing Dan's character as a father figure. We don't hear anything about his education or business accomplishments. And we don't hear about anyone else's family.
  • Towards the end, Lee is also selected by Tarek. Lee doesn't smile. Ever.
  • Tarek seems to take a liking to Dan during the first task. They sit together in the van and Dan gets the high-profile task of holding the project folder.
  • Dan didn't get much airtime. Since he was on the losing team, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • Lee gets plenty of airtime in this episode with mixed results. He comes across as an intelligent and independent thinker, not afraid to voice his opinion even if it's an unpopular one. He mentions that he's never said anything bad about anyone. Lee decides to take on Tarek - the project manager. (Did I mention that Tarek is a member of Mensa?) Tarek privately demands that Lee back him up in the boardroom. Otherwise, Tarek says, Lee could become vulnerable. Lee sticks to his guns and tells Trump that Tarek should take some blame for the loss because there was no big idea. Lots of credit goes to Lee for not giving in to Tarek's demands and for speaking honestly.
  • I said Lee had mixed results because he didn't appear to be a true team player. Most of the team decided to blame Summer for the loss. Lee didn't go along with this, but chose an independent route. I give him a thumbs up for not being bullied into the popular vote, but a thumbs down for not trying to solicit more team support for his position. He should've recruited some people for his side before taking it to the boardroom.
  • Lee did have a slight verbal slip-up. He blamed Tarek for a "lack of mismanagement."
  • Religion didn't come into play at all during this episode.
  • Neither Orthodox Apprentice candidate is wearing a kippah.
  • We didn't see either Dan or Lee in any meal setting.
Next week, the Apprentice teams try to market Gillette Fusion razors at Times Square. Brent wears a bathrobe. Should be fun.

Feel free to add your comments.

Apprentice 5 - Episode 1: Post your comments here

The first episode of Donald Trump's Apprentice 5 airs in about 90 minutes!!!

Since I'll be watching tonight's Apprentice with some friends, I'm opening this post now so anyone could use the "comments" to start discussing the show at any time. I'll post my observations on the Orthodox candidates - Dan Brody and Lee Bienstock - later tonight.

The big question on people's minds....

Kiddush Hashem or Chillul Hashem???

It's certainly possible that we won't see anything overtly Jewish in today's Apprentice episode. With Burnett's clever editing, anything can happen.

Tune in to NBC tonight (9 pm EST) to see what happens on The Apprentice's season kickoff. Then return to the Orthodox Apprentice blog to talk about it.

See ya later!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Apprentice 5 premiere is coming soon

Donald Trump's Apprentice 5 starts in under 24 hours. It's the first reality series in the US to include Orthodox Jews as contestants. Watch the frum candidates - Dan Brody and Lee Bienstock - as they try to avoid hearing Trump's famous words - "You're fired!"

The first episode of The Apprentice opens with Trump choosing two captains. Then the captains will each pick their teams. The first project is to sell membership upgrades at a (East Brunswick) New Jersey Sam's Club while using a Goodyear blimp as a promotional marketing tool. Someone on the losing team will be fired.

Some questions for Episode One of Apprentice 5:
  • Are Dan and Lee roommates?
  • Will Dan and Lee be on the winning team?
  • Will they survive the boardroom?
  • Will their Jewish observance play any role in this episode?
Stay tuned..... Monday at 9 PM (EST) on NBC.