Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Upcoming Orthodox Apprentice Events

(Pictured above: (l-r) Denis Leary, Lee, Jaime Pressley, Lenny Clarke, Derek Sanderson)

Lee's Hometown Finale Party

Lawrence/Cedarhurst Fire Station
Monday, June 5, 8:30 PM

From the FiveTownsShuls community e-mail list:
All are invited to attend a home town party for Lee Bienstock to cheer him on as he vies to become Donald Trump's Apprentice.

Lee is one of two finalists. Trump will make his decision during the live finale, this coming Monday June 5th. Seating will begin at 8:30. Come early!!!

The party will take place at the Lawrence/Cedarhurst Fire Station located at Central Avenue (corner of Washington Avenue).

NBC will be on hand to broadcast the party live at times during the finale.

Refreshments will be served.

A nominal donation of $5 per person is recommended. All proceeds will be donated to benefit the firefighters.

You are encouraged to bring posters cheering Lee on.

Young Leadership Shabbat Dinner with Lee and Dan

The Jewish Center (Manhattan)
Friday, June 9, 8:15 PM

Join the Jewish Center Young Leadership for Friday Night Dinner with The Apprentice's Lee Bienstock and Dan Brody.

$36 Members

$40 Non-Members

Advance registration required. Register on the
Jewish Center website by Wednesday, June 7th.

Mincha / Maariv at 8:15 PM

Dinner promptly at 9:30 PM

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stuff the ballot!

Denis Leary

  • The final voting is underway. Vote for Lee at and you could win $30,000.
  • You can now send questions to Trump about this season, his choices, the candidates or whatever else is on your mind. Donald will respond to selected questions during the live finale on June 5. What are you asking him? Post your questions in the comments to this post.
  • Steven Weiss talked to Mark Bienstock (Lee's father) and to Lenny Veltman about Lee. The interviews are available on Canonist.
  • Weiss also wrote this story on Lee Bienstock for JTA. Expect to see it printed in most Jewish weekly newspapers later this week.
  • We have learned that George and Carolyn will join Donald for the final boardroom on Monday. Lee is preparing for the inevitable question about why he chose Pepi. The episode starts at 9:30 PM ET/PT.
  • The next season starts filming this week in Los Angeles. Ivanka, Don Jr., George and Carolyn will all participate. US Olympian Angela Ruggiero is one of 18 candidates.
  • Congrats to Tarek Saab and his wife Kathryn on their wedding this past Saturday!
  • The Bienstock family's shul, Congregation Beth Sholom of Lawrence, NY, distributed this e-mail message today:
As everyone knows by now, Lee Bienstock, the son of our friends Flora and Mark Bienstock, has reached the finals of Donald Trump's Apprentice. Lee needs as many votes as possible to win. Donald Trump is deciding this time with our help and our votes can make the difference. You can vote by either going to (which brings you to an Apprentice link) and clicking on Vote for Lee or by going to Apprentice 5/

Voting started at 10:00 on Monday night and continues through June 5th.

Please join us in voting for Lee, as often as you can. Vote as many times as you can; it's free!

Gary Miller, President
Lester Henner, Chairman of the Board
Joel Shiff, Vice-Chairman of the Board

Barenaked Ladies

Monday, May 29, 2006

Episode 14: What about Dan?

Vote For Lee ButtonEpisode 14 opens with Sean and Lee summoned to the boardroom where they learn that they're the final two candidates. Their new assignment is to each choose three fired candidates to join their team. As Lee exits the boardroom, Trump yells out, "Freaking politician, Lee!!!"

Back in the suite, the former candidates greet the finalists and they each lobby to be chosen for the new teams. Former Orthodox Apprentice candidate Daniel Brody takes an opportunity to sell himself to Sean. Mr. Yazbeck, however, quickly chooses Tammy and Andrea and then agrees on Tarek to complete his team.

Lee Bienstock outsources the team selection to his close friend, Lenny Veltman. In the words of Lenny, "Nobody better than me." Lenny chooses Pepi ("who the hell is he?") Diaz. It's likely that Lee and Pepi had never even met before, but Lenny had spent time with Pepi on Trump's "Exile Island". Lee asks for Lenny's thoughts on each possible candidate. "What about Dan?" he inquires. Lenny responds, "I don't trust Dan. [He and others are] not your friends." Lenny selects Roxanne for the final spot.

Lee explains to Trump that his picks are based on who likes him the most. (With two selections who never worked with Lee previously, it speaks volumes of Lee's relationships with the former Gold Rushers.)

Each candidate expresses a preference to work with bare naked ladies, but Lee agrees to take on the celebrity ice hockey event, sponsored by Pontiac, to benefit The Denis Leary Firefighters Foundation. Since Sean is from the UK, it might have been wise for Lee to hand him the hockey task. Sean's concert, also sponsored by Pontiac (with an additional sponsorship from SLS Audio), is to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund.

Lee appears to have a very weak team. In meetings with the executives, they show no creativity, few ideas, minimal teamwork and no leadership. Pepi adds no value. Lenny doesn't say a word, not even a joke. Roxanne contributes the most, but not enough to make up for the others. Lee suggests a date auction (page 4), but the executive from Leary's organization is not impressed.

Sean's team is more energetic and everyone contributes to the project, but Sean spends too much time with Tammy poring over the catering menu. Eventually each team decides to auction off the Pontiac vehicles.

This episode appears to be edited with a preference towards Sean. Lee and his team were repeatedly shown in a negative way. The only strike against Sean's team is that Andrea left with a medical emergency.

It's now time to vote for your choice as the next Apprentice.

[Orthodox Apprentice has actual video footage from Sean's Barenaked Ladies concert at Trump Taj Mahal. If you have a website and are willing to store and serve the file, we will e-mail it to you and then link to your site. Please contact us by e-mail.]

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