Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tale of the Tape

Dan: 31
Lee: 22

Dan: High school at Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami; BA from Yeshiva University; MBA from Baruch
Lee: High school at HAFTR; BS from Cornell

Dan: One year post-high school
Lee: Birthright Israel trip during college

1st employer after college
Dan: Marriott
Lee: Accenture

Business ventures

Dan: Grandma's Cookie Jar; Brody Golf; Swan Hat
Lee: ?

Family status

Dan: Married with two sons
Lee: Single

Current residence
Dan: New Milford, NJ
Lee: New York City

You heard it here first!

  • The camera crew followed an Apprentice candidate into shul

  • Kosher George Foreman grill in the suite

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lee Bienstock - unofficial biography

The untold story:

Lee was raised on Long Island, New York and graduated from HAFTR (Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway) in Cedarhurst. Lee's mother is sisterhood co-president at Congregation Beth Sholom, near the family home in Lawrence, NY.

After high school, Lee went to Cornell University, where he can be seen here conducting a "Date Auction" for Cornell's Hillel. According to the article, the dates sold for between $15 and $100. Feel bad for the $15 person?

While at Cornell, Lee Bienstock also participated in a Birthright Israel trip. You can see a picture of Lee covered in Dead Sea mud right here.

In 2005 Lee joined over 2,000 other Cornell students to declare support for the US-Israel relationship. You'll find his name in the second column.

After graduating with a 4.0 GPA, Lee joined Accenture where he's a business analyst.

Now we wait to find out if Donald Trump hires or fires Lee Bienstock - one of two Orthodox Jewish candidates on Apprentice 5.

Lee Bienstock's official biography

Here's Lee's bio from The Apprentice site on Yahoo:

Lee, 22, graduated from Cornell University with a 4.0 GPA, where he received a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management. While attending Cornell University, he won business plan writing and marketing competitions, and served as a teaching assistant for courses in Entrepreneurship and Management. He worked for Merrill Lynch, researching emerging markets, creating portfolios and compiling business plans for high net worth clients, including an investment banking deal with an estimated value in excess of $100 million. Previous experiences outside of corporate America include, working at a day treatment program for the mentally ill, volunteering at soup kitchens and teaching fourth grade children in an inner-city school. Lee draws his inspiration from his grandfather who emigrated to the U.S. penniless and uneducated, yet through hard work and determination was successful through investing in real estate. At age 22, Lee became an analyst for one of the largest business/consulting firms in the world. Today, Lee works with some of the biggest companies and government agencies in the country to devise business strategy and information technology systems. Lee currently resides in New York City.

Daniel Brody - unofficial biography

The untold story:

Although The Apprentice claims that Dan's hometown is Miami, Florida, he hasn't lived there since he graduated from the Hebrew Academy of Miami Beach almost 15 years ago. After high school, Dan studied in Israel for a year. Then he went to Yeshiva University in New York City. Since then, he's mostly lived in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he now resides with his wife and two children. His family regularly attends an Orthodox synagogue in Teaneck.

After graduating from Yeshiva U., Dan earned an MBA from Baruch CUNY. While pursuing his advanced degree, Dan also worked at Marriott. Later, with his brother, Dan bought Grandma's Cookie Jar, a retail bakery adjacent to Yeshiva U. They sold it a few years later.

More recently, Dan and his brother started a straw hat business - Swan Hat.

In the summer of 2005, Dan gained worldwide publicity when he auctioned off the opportunity to provide him with golf lessons. Read about it here. Sure enough, a Florida golf teacher won the auction. Dan flew down to Florida for two weeks of one-on-one instruction.

Next on Dan's agenda... The Apprentice. Stay tuned to see if he gets hired or fired.

Dan Brody's official biography

Here's Dan's bio from The Apprentice site on Yahoo:

Dan, 31, is the founder of Brody Sport, a designer brand of active-wear currently sold in prominent boutique shops and popular department stores. Dan has successfully launched several businesses during his entrepreneurial career beginning with a college venture, NYC Cafe "Grandma's Cookie Jar." This wholesale retail bakery boutique served as one of the earliest bakery suppliers for the city's Starbucks stores. Dan also owned YoCookie, a ready-to-bake cookie-dough brand shelved in more than 30 grocery stores even before "Grandma's Cookie Jar" was successfully sold. Dan's next venture was Swan Hat, one of the only "Made In The USA," headwear companies still in existence today. Swan Hat has a healthy department store base and the company's Straw Headwear division annually outfits the New York State Teachers Union - Labor Day Fifth Ave Parade, as well as other union parades and events throughout the country. Dan is passionate about religion and family and feels that you must make an exerted effort for those you love and give back to those in need.

Two Orthodox Jewish candidates on Apprentice 5

Dan (Daniel) Brody and Lee Bienstock - both Orthodox Jews - are candidates to become Donald Trump's next Apprentice.