Monday, March 20, 2006

Orthodox Apprentice: Episode 4

Religious observance was a focus point of Episode 3, but it didn't play a role in this week's episode. Gold Rush, featuring our two Orthodox Jewish candidates - Dan Brody and Lee Bienstock - designed an impressive billboard for Post Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch cereal and came away with a win.

Dan and Lee didn't get a whole lot of airtime today, but it appears that Daniel Brody is making strong contributions to the team and everyone seems to like him (except Lenny perhaps). In the four epsiodes we've seen, he certainly hasn't said or done anything that could hurt his chances. He seems to be non-controversial (other than that little Rosh HaShana thing), so he could go far. We'll need to see him in the project manager role to get a better idea of his long-term prospects.

Other candidates who we've barely met: Leslie, Michael, Roxanne. There's no reason to believe that any of them will or won't stay in the game for a while. We just don't enough about them.

We finally saw both Dan and Lee enjoying some food. As we told you last week, the cereal Dan was snacking on is certified kosher. Both candidates looked somewhat uncomfortable at the dinner table in Jean-Georges' restaurant. Eventually we saw them chowing down, so their kosher meals might have been delivered late. It's known to happen.

Brent Buckman was the first Jewish candidate to be fired, but it wasn't for anything he did or didn't do on this task. His Synergy teammates continued to pick on him, trying to reach his breaking point. His downfall in this episode was talking too much (and too abrasively) in the boardroom. If he had toned it down in front of the father-daughter Trump team, he would have survived for another task and Tammy would have been sent to the Hot Jobs cab.

Did anyone else notice that a Saab commercial aired shortly after a Tarek Saab scene?


At 3/21/2006 9:13 AM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Funny about the Saab commercial, but I didn't notice. I could've sworn I heard a "yalla, let's go" from either Tarek or Lee when they were searching for a model, can anyone confirm this and who said it?

Hope Andrea gets fired soon, I don't know if the Apprentice has ever seen such a snob.

At 3/21/2006 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard "yalla" too and it sounded like it was from tarek.
i read online that one of his parents is from lebanon and he lived there when he was young...

At 3/21/2006 10:40 AM, Blogger Distar said...

what was the Tarek Saab scene??

And I think Andrea is one of the strongest players this lackluster Season !!

At 3/21/2006 11:18 AM, Anonymous marie said...

Andrea's smart but she's not apprentice material. She's too cold. No expressions. Speaks in a monotonous tone with no inflection. She needs to buy a personality.

At 3/21/2006 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No kosher food was delivered to J-G's restaurant. Dan and Lee were chewing on ice cubes from their water, and at one point, Dan ate a raw chilipepper.

At 3/21/2006 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you know they ate only ice chips? it looked like they had something in the plates. Although Lee was eating pasta later on that night in the apartment.

At 3/21/2006 6:42 PM, Anonymous leah said...

lee was eatng pasta on a china plate two times. did he and dan kasher some plates and silverware?

by the resterraunt lee and dan were drinking wine wich they werent allowed to do. whats up with that?

At 3/21/2006 6:44 PM, Anonymous leah said...

andrea managed brent in a very smart way.

i dont like brent at all. im glad he got fired.

At 3/21/2006 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the restaurant Dan was drinking water, not wine.

Not sure how dishes etc... were handled at the apt. Why do we care. Or if you, why not call Lee and ask him?

At 3/21/2006 7:58 PM, Anonymous apprentice detective said...

i saw lee eating spaghetti on a trump china (it looked like trump china.)
Lee also gave a short shoulder massage to the winning female proect director.
anony, its none of my business, im just wondering which branch of orthodoxy allows eating spaghetti on china, and giving massage to a female?

At 3/21/2006 10:04 PM, Anonymous Orthodox Apprentice said...

1. They did not drink wine in the restaurant. After the toast, Lee put his wine glass down without taking a sip.

2. The spaghetti was delivered from a kosher restaurant. (There are a few of those in Manhattan.)

3. Trump could afford to buy new dishes for his kosher guests. There's no reason to assume otherwise.

4. Lee put his hands on his colleague's shoulders after a big victory. So what?

Stop trying to "catch" these guys in a transgression, especially when you can't prove your accusation. They're not trying to become Donald's rabbi and they're no more or less perfect than the rest of us. Let's rally them on and not look for trouble. And it's shameful that anyone would assume they ate non-kosher when you have no evidence. Why not assume that everything is okay?

At 3/22/2006 12:12 AM, Anonymous yosef said...

Who are you sad, petty people? You spend your time trying to count up other people's mitzva/aveirah points? OA is right, as is Dash Riprock over at Acharit HaYamim (

"1. You did not see Dan (or Lee) eating unkosher food during this episode. You saw Dan chewing on something during the dinner with Jean Georges, which could have been anything from the treif caviar entree to the bread rolls to reheated glatt Taam Tov brisket. You saw Lee eating spaghetti which could have been equally sacred or profane. I (and you) have no idea. Since they keep kosher, let's just assume it was kosher food. And let's shut up about it.

2. If anyone, on any blog anywhere, tries to figure out the zman for davening that day to see if they had time to put on their tefilin before the early morning task, I will find you and beat you."

At 3/22/2006 8:41 AM, Blogger happywithhislot said...

i think the spaghetti lee ate was the la bruite kind.

I dont have a problem them doing what they want.
I think its worth pointing out wether being orthodox in the strictest sense is compatible with this show.
It appears not.
Buts that ok, because none of us are orthodox in the strictest sense.

At 3/22/2006 11:16 PM, Anonymous leah said...

im very happy that lee and dan are doing so well. im rooting for them all the way. i just had a few questions and i wanted to know if maybe someone could give me a reasonable answer. thats all.

At 3/23/2006 5:23 PM, Anonymous apprentice detective said...

I agree, dont let these guys bully you into stop asking questions.

orthodox apprentice said:
"Lee put his hands on his colleague's shoulders after a big victory. So what?"

Its not so what, because you say so.

At 3/24/2006 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to apprentice detective...
you ask what branch of orthodoxy allowed shoulder massages to females? um, try modern. i am sure in life he has done a lot more than pat a female coworkers shoulders. many people out there have enough self control to touch a member of the opposite sex and not jump them. time to leaveyour sheltered frummy world and enter the real one.

At 4/04/2006 10:19 PM, Blogger Hershel Goldberg said...

Why do you assume they're virgins? You think all orthodox jews behave themselves? Anything can happen behind close doors. There's a lot of hypocrites out there.


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