Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yom Kippur on The Apprentice? Not Yet!

Good news for fans of Lee and Dan! Orthodox Apprentice has determined that the task for Episode 5, airing on Monday, March 27, did not conflict with Yom Kippur and at least one of our guys makes it through to Episode 6.

Episode 5 Description
The candidates race against the clock to shoot a commercial aboard a cruise ship (Norwegian Jewel) that's set to sail. One project manager clashes with a mutinous teammate while the other project manager alienates everybody. The winners are rewarded with a bounty of treasure, while the losers head to the boardroom where another candidate is sent home.

What We Know
We know Episode 3 (Chevy Tahoe dealer event) took place on October 4-5, 2005 (Rosh HaShana).

We know Episode 4 (Post cereal billboard) was filmed over a minmum of two days.

Based on that knowledge, Episode 5 could not have started earlier than October 8. If there was a day off between tasks (very likely), it could have started on the 9th.

We know from a Norwegian Jewel staff member's journal that the ship left New York on Monday, October 10 for an 11-day cruise. In a subsequent journal entry, Tracy writes: "Did I tell you all that Donald Trump was on the ship when I first signed on? They filmed an episode for the apprentice- the task of his people was to create a commercial for NCL."

The sailing schedule documented in Tracy's initial post is consistent with the Halifax Port Authority's October 2005 cruise schedule. The Norwegian Jewel was scheduled to arrive in Halifax on October 13.

Our Conclusions
Based on the cruise schedule, this task must have been completed by October 10. Since Yom Kippur started the evening of October 12, it did not play any part in the upcoming episode. Unless production stopped over Yom Kippur, it could play a role in the Arby's task.

Since Theresa reported that Lee misses two tasks for holidays, and he's only missed one so far, we can conclude that Lee is not fired in Episode 5.

Revisiting Episode 3
Speaking of Theresa and the holidays, her TV Guide interview is a must-read. We learn another way that Rosh HaShana impacted the Chevy dealer event and we get her thoughts on taking off for religious holidays. She also gives the Orthodox candidates a strong endorsement, "It was a big hit for us, because Lee and Dan are very talented individuals."

One More Note
Melania Knauss Trump christened the Norwegian Jewel in November and is the ship's Godmother.


At 3/22/2006 10:30 AM, Anonymous Orthodox Apprentice said...

More info on the Arby's episode:

Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Monday, April 3 at 10:00 PM, after a 2-hour Deal or No Deal.

The candidates write an advertising jingle for the restaurant chain. One team finds their groove right away while the other contends with an out-of-tune teammate. The winners enjoy a scrumptious reward and the losers face the music in the boardroom.

At 3/22/2006 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I thought choosing Orthodox participants for a show shot during the fall holidays was a deliberate attempt to create drama, but now that it seems that many of the "rewards" involve food, I'm starting to conclude that the producers are just clueless. Can they have planned to have people keeping kosher just sitting politely and hungrily through these "rewards"? Makes me want to mail those boys some Entenmann's.


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