Monday, June 05, 2006

The Faceoff

Today's Boston Herald reports that Christine DiCarlo -- who has run several charity events for Denis Leary -- was involved with Lee Bienstock's celebrity hockey event for his final task on The Apprentice.

The paper quotes her as saying, "Personally, I don’t think he did very well. He tried, but it was quite a long day. In the end, he pulls it off, but getting there was a struggle. It was so unorganized.... I have no idea what the outcome will be - since the viewers will do the voting, but I can see how Lee got as far as he did. He’s quite the politician.”

According to the Herald article, a silent auction was held at a VIP reception before the hockey game. A wealthy Bostonian offered the highest bid for a pair of bench seats at the game.

Among the celebrity participants were Cam Neely, Jason Priestly, Paul Guilfoyle (CSI), John McEnroe, Phil Esposito and Michael J. Fox. The teams were coached by Jaime Pressley (My Name is Earl) and former Boston Bruin Derek Sanderson. Lenny Clarke emceed the event.

So we know that Lee's team struggled through the planning and preparation stages of the task. But we also know that they held a successful auction for the VIPs (and there were many wealthy attendees) and, in the words of an eyewitness, "he pulls it off." It's all about results, isn't it?

Reports from Sean Yazbeck's task indicate that the Barenaked Ladies concert was a success and the WWF raised a nice sum of money at the event.

Tell Trump who to hire. It's not too late to VOTE FOR LEE!


At 6/05/2006 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's walt?

At 6/05/2006 5:12 PM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...

I'm here (LOL!!!)

Sounds like Lee will make a nice comeback, but will it be enough? We'll find out in a few hours!

At 6/05/2006 9:19 PM, Blogger Mike Barer said...

I would like to see an article of past Jewish Apprentice candidates. Adam, Bradford, David,etc.

At 6/05/2006 11:29 PM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...


Sean did win as I thought he would, but Lee did have a nice comeback and has NOTHING to be ashamed of whatsoever.

Lee is a winner no matter what!

Anyway, Sean inadvertantly noted this was a 14-week "job interview" in one of his confessionals, meaning they likely did lose a task last October to bad weather.


At 6/08/2006 12:18 AM, Anonymous thanks wally said...

Today was very bad weather. I think they may cancel Season 6.


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