Thursday, March 09, 2006

You heard (saw) it here first! (#4)

3/15 UPDATE: Lee's website is now live at The link below is no longer active.

As most Orthodox Apprentice readers know, Lee's website is "coming soon". Well, it looks like it's about to go live!

Want a sneak preview? At this time, you can browse Lee's full website by starting here:

The above link could be changed or removed at any time so check it out now.

It's a very professional site, with plenty of photos of this Orthodox Jewish Apprentice candidate. His website includes a page that lists a few charities, including IsraAID. It's also interesting to note that you can fill out an online form to "request more information on how Lee can make your next event/corporate meeting a memorable one."

Other website news:
  • Brent Buckman's redesigned website went live today.
  • Lenny's website is under construction.
  • The Florida Jewish News is following Daniel (Dan) Brody with The Brody Report.


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