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The Final Task

Episode 14 - Monday, May 29, 9:00 PM

The final two candidates take on their toughest tasks yet, coordinating two massive charity events. One finalist faces off with a tough executive while putting on a celebrity hockey event and the other lets his heart lead him astray while staging a massive rock concert in Atlantic City.

["His" and "him" are generic pronouns that could refer to either male or female]

Pontiac is a corporate sponsor for this episode.

Orthodox Apprentice has learned that the concert was performed by Barenaked Ladies on Tuesday, November 8, 2005, at Trump Taj Mahal. The event was not open to the public. Free tickets were given to Taj Mahal employees. All attendees were required to sign a waiver/non-disclosure. George and Donald were in attendance.

The playlist included these songs: It's All Been Done, Life (in a Nutshell), Taj Rap, Pinch Me, Get in Line, Upside Down, Curry Yogurt Rap, Alcohol, Shopping, What a Good Boy, Too Little Too Late, One Week, Old Apartment, If I had a Million Dollars, Brian Wilson (encore).

It's unlikely that they played any Chanukah songs from Barenaked for Hanukkah.

Two candidates will be fired in the previous Episode (#13).


At 5/14/2006 12:54 AM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...

Very interesting:

As mentioned in the previous thread, there is a potentially HUGE spoiler on the final two at Survivor S****, posted by someone that goes by Anniafannie at:
(link will take you to the post)

Lets just say there are some big surprises if this person is correct.


At 5/14/2006 12:58 AM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...


It looks like that spoiler may be false, because the thread was locked.


At 5/14/2006 1:25 AM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...

Yet more to add:

This seems to make sense on account that given in the past the final tasks have I believe always taken place on a weekend, that likely means one task that had been scheduled during the show had to be completely cancelled in all likelyhood, and if so it most likely was an outdoor task that was scheduled during the period between last October 7-25, when the New York area was innundated with a ton of rain, and if so such task could not be re-scheduled before taping was to end (with if so another, most likely indoor task moved up in its place). This also suggests that the Chevy Tahoe task was originally scheduled to take place the weekend of October 7-8 (and be the fourth task), but had to be moved up to October 4-5 (and be the third task) due to the rain that had been expected to come in on Columbus day weekend upwards of a week before it actually hit (and caused the Post Cereal Task to have to be severely sped up further than it would have been otherwise).

If a task had to be cancelled and could not be re-scheduled, that may have been why we had the double "firing" of Tarek and Charmaine following the Hair Cuttery Task and another double "firing" following the last team task (Embassy Suites), since if a task had been originally scheduled for November 6-7 that had to be moved up as a result of another task being cancelled caused the final task to be moved up by 3-4 days, meaning the interviews would have been scheduled for November 9, but they could not be moved up to accomodate the final task being moved up as a result of an earlier task being completely washed out due to weather/unable to reschedule (as those who would have handled the interviews likely had scheduled time for 11/9, but could not accomodate an earlier date).

Looks like this is actually a "14-week job interview" instead of the original "15 weeks" due to one task having to be cancelled entirely due to bad weather that in turn caused the interviews to have to be cancelled.


At 5/14/2006 2:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems lee is not going to be in the final two. The excitement is over.

At 5/14/2006 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEah so tammy just posted a link to vote for her, and lee just got rid of his link. It was fun while it lasted

At 5/14/2006 2:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha u guys are so wrong about the voting thing, so stop makinbg assumptions and predictions based on them

At 5/14/2006 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the two men will be fired for losing the task and it will be two women finalists.

At 5/14/2006 11:35 PM, Anonymous wallyworld said...

The Chevy task couldn't have been rescheduled. All the dealers made their travel plans well in advance of the date. Also the park was reserved and it takes time to get permits.

The final events also couldn't be rescheduled. You can't just move the date of a major concert or a celebrity charity event that involves many many busy people. You're talking about rescheduling facilities, permits, the band and its entire crew, all the celebrities, the executives of the charities and the sponsor companies. It's not possible to move the dates around based on weather.

Why would the cereal task be impacted by rain? The whole thing was indoors. Does business stop in NY when it rains?

Why do you think interviews were ever in the plans? Have they done that every season?

I heard the corporate sponsors pay about a million bucks for an episode. I don't think they would be ok with a task being cancelled for rain.

With all due respect, aren't you the guy who kept telling us that the whole show would move to Fridays for the last few weeks of the season?

At 5/15/2006 7:30 AM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...


I said it was POSSIBLE the Chevy task could have been moved up by one spot. While yes, there would be logistical problems, knowing this is for a show, it's possible they took permits for two (and even three) possible date setups because weather can, and sometimes will play havoc with the schedule. That task had the feel of one that you'd more likely see on a weekend than on a weekday, and people could have been aware.

As for the Post Cereal Task, they had their meeting with the execs at 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning (October 8), which was the time noted in the task dossier (I know of the date because of spoilers posted last fall at TWoP). It was no secret there were FLOODING rains in the forecast that Saturday, which was known almost a week ahead of time. They likely had to severely move up the task out of concern they might not otherwise be able to get the teams back from Post Headquarters, as this part of the country got anywhere from 1-4" of rain that late afternoon and night.

That entire period mentioned (October 7-25) was with few exceptions an extremely wet period in New York. They have in the past moved up or pushed back tasks on the show for a variety of reasons (including in season two when the Bridal task was moved up to the 10th task from later on after Chris Russo (no, not the one on WFAN) said he wanted to be PM of that task, something I remember reading about at the time of the finale for season two), and weather would be a significant reason that tasks would have to be moved around, if not outright cancelled as it appears one task had to be this time.

As far as the interviews, they had them in the first three seasons (and the one season of Martha's version), but didn't in season four in all likelyhood out of concern that Alla's stripper past would have been revealed had she made such and someone not authorized to be there overhearing such, leaking such to the media and spoiling all of season four before it ever aired. This time around, if a task had to be cancelled, it likely meant the interviews had to also be since the people who would have been handling those likely were unable to re-schedule for a moved-up date.

They also likely had contingency plans for the final task(s) in case those had to be moved up as well, as these shows are planned out MONTHS in advance.


At 5/15/2006 3:35 PM, Blogger M said...

So, who is the getting the boot 2night? We know it is one of the ladies but which one?

Any updates?


At 5/15/2006 4:01 PM, Anonymous WallyWorld said...

All the tasks are planned well ahead which is exactly why I dont believe anything was ever canceled or rescheduled.

The car dealers for that event flew in from around the country. You think they all changed their plans at the last minute?

Unless there was a blizzard, it's not likely the Post task wouldve been affected by weather. There was heavy rain, but I don't know of any offices, businesses or stores in NY or NJ that closed early becuase of the weather. It wouldnt happen unless all the streets were closed.

Of all things, the interviews would be the easiest to resschedule. If the execs werent available, anyone else could fill in. If it didn't happen, it prolly was never planned.

Any task that involved the ceo of a sponsor couldnt be rescheduled or canceled. It could take months to book an appointment on a ceo's calendar.

How could hair cuttery have been rescheduled? Dontcha think the grand opening of a store is planned out and scheduled well in advance? It's not moved for weather or because it's not convenient for the filming

I saw a list before the season of all the company sponsors. None have been skipped so what does that tell you?

Sorry to ramble, but I dont think it's right to make assumption that anything was postponed, accelerated, canceled or rescheduled for any reason whatsoever - Lee's religion, weather, etc. Everything is well planned in advance and its not likely that any dates were ever changed.

We've been hearing you preach that the last few episodes would all be moved to Fridays. Didnt happen. You said Apprentice prolly wouldnt air tonight because of bush. But its on tonight. You said deal no deal couldnt be shortened. But it is. You saidf finale was never scheduled for 6/12. But teh contest rules say it was gonna be on that date. You said thered be exec interviews. But there arent any.

Most importantly you said the final show was moved to accomadate Lee as a finalist. Why shoudl we trust you now?

Besides theyve known about the finalists since last november.

At 5/15/2006 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wallyhorse just got destroyed by wallworld. wallyhorse is shown to be what he is, an idiot looking for attention

At 5/15/2006 5:38 PM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...


I always have said it was POSSIBLE and NEVER ONCE said definite on anything with one very notable exception: The finale was NEVER going to be on Monday, June 12 due to Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals on NBC that night. That is entirely overlooked.

It's been said on Trump's show itself you have to have a "Plan B" in case things go wrong, and I'm sure the producers have a "Plan B", a "Plan C" and even a "Plan D" in place in case things had to have been changed (because its extremely unlikely everything would have gone exactly as planned, remember how it looked for a time in the final task of "A4" when Randal didn't initially have a "Plan B" and it seemed to nearly cost him?). As noted, in season two, they moved up the bridal task at the very last possible minute up after Chris Russo said he wanted to be PM on that task in the boardroom of the previous one, and the producers admitted it was done that way from what I remember (so yes, they can and will move up tasks for a variety of reasons).

Contingency plans are normally a big part of planning a show like this, and if they managed somehow to do it without such, then they did a far superior job than anyone could realistically think possible.


At 5/15/2006 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wallyworld: "You saidf finale was never scheduled for 6/12."

Wallyhorse: "The finale was NEVER going to be on Monday, June 12."

Both statements are probably true. They don't contradict each other.

At 5/15/2006 7:47 PM, Blogger Wallyhorse said...

And another thing:

I saw the same list of companies before the season started, and that list was part of the TV schedule for this season (and I never said anyone on that list had been skipped). That doesn't necessairly mean that was the original schedule of tasks, since as noted tasks can be and in the past have been moved around from their original schedules.

Given what the weather was from October 7-25, it would not surprise me at all if a task that was possibly on a schedule that was never released had to be outright cancelled due to weather and because of logistical issues could not be rescheduled, with if so other tasks moved up by one spot each. NO ONE could have when planning this season of "The Apprentice" last summer could have realistically anticipated that rainy of an extended period like we had last fall.


At 5/15/2006 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me or maybe this has been noticed before, but the executive producer of the Apprentice (Jay Bienstock) has the exact same last name as Lee... any relation?

At 5/15/2006 11:12 PM, Anonymous JustSomeRandomGuy said...

No relation - very old news - watch Lee's audition video on nbc or yahoo's apprentice site

At 5/16/2006 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems there may be an episode next monday and who knows when it is because they keep changing the time...
Does anyone know when the ultimate finale is to be scheduled?
ie. the part where they annnounce the winner and have a big celebration and audience?

It's the same thing season after season there never is any announcement anywhere about when the finale is to take place.
And also they keep changing the times without noitice. so much for setting my vcr.

At 5/16/2006 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

say what? theres a show next monday at 9 and the following monday at 9. then the last episode is on june 5 at 9:30.


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